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Call Centre & Help Desk Management

Tech Support - Why You Need It?

There are many advantages of using tech support.

While working for a very important presentation or any other important task, you certainly need your computer to work at its best.

Instead, if it starts malfunctioning, you are certainly in big trouble. Here comes the importance of our Technical Support Services.

We have proven track record of troubleshooting every kind of computer errors and problems regardless of the complexity.

Our Tech Support Services Include

  • 24x7 Support
  • Access to certified technicians and engineers
  • Complete diagnosis and troubleshooting of computer problems
  • Installation of critical operating system updates
  • Help for software repairs or upgrades
  • Assistance to keep PC errors at bay

We Not Only Solve But Guide You

  • While you note down the suggestions provided by the experts, you also learn the troubleshooting process.
  • You can find out what the problems actually are. It could be the internet or the hardware or you may need just operating system support.
  • With an online tech support person to assist, you can get to the root of the problem promptly. It actually helps you immensely to sort the problem out.
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Marketing Campaign Management-(on demand solution)

Effective Marketing Campaigns

UnicLabs marketing campaign management platform enables organizations to plan, develop and execute more effective marketing programs.

Campaigns are cost-effectively conducted through multiple inbound and outbound touch points such as email, voice, and SMS.

Target your marketing focus based on customer needs and behavior through vCustomer's

comprehensive business intelligence platform and maximize your ROI today.

Your Benefits

Design rich graphical content and web forms and execute customized marketing programs for specific market segments

Reduce program costs while extending reach through multiple touch points

Respond fast to customer and program trends through real-time business analytics

Product and Order Management Services

UnicLabs customizable order entry and management services streamline the entire product and order management lifecycle.

Intelligent customer care solutions transform and enhance the back-end fulfillment process for better working capital efficiency and enhanced Compliance and control.

UnicLabs contact center automated workflow and experienced agents close the order process faster to reduce turnaround time.

With proven business standards and best practices, UnicLabs order management solution gives you the information and management control you need to boost your sales effectively.

Your Benefits

Increase revenues as a result of lower cost per order, better order analytics, greater process control and consistent follow-ups

Achieve faster quote-to-order time through seamless back-end integration

Enhance your perfect order rate (complete, accurate and executed on-time and in perfect condition)

Appointment Scheduling

In certain cases, an issue resolution or order closure requires an in-person meeting.

Assigning the right representative for the right reason at the right time is critical in ensuring optimal ongoing customer relationships.

UnicLabs Appointment Scheduler provides an easy-to-use, multi-dimensional view of available service staff and skill level for optimal client scheduling.

Appointment Scheduler is designed to optimize the utilization of field staff in customer site visits.

Through a selection of multi-channels, internal and external stakeholders receive instant notification of visit scheduling, including pertinent information and updates.

Your Benefits

Better manage schedules and leverage field staff skills

Schedule client appointments cost-effectively by optimizing field staff logistics

Increase staff efficiency and improve productivity through multi-channel interaction tools

Receive auto notifications of rescheduled appointments

Generate a wide range of reports - employee utilization levels, average issue resolution time, and more

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